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Flare Polo Shirt


Normcore ramps tofu cred wolf, flexitarian cloud bread. Church-key hammock schlitz, occupy sus pok pok pour-over tofu etsy skateboard.

  • Gender: Ladies
  • Metal Weight: 4.00
  • Gold Colour: Yellow Gold
  • Ring Size: M
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Step into a world of unparalleled comfort with the “Lumina-Soft” T-Shirt. Crafted with a touch of magic, this fictive garment is designed to revolutionize your everyday wardrobe.

The “Lumina-Soft” T-Shirt boasts a fabric so extraordinary that it seems to have captured the essence of a gentle breeze on a warm summer’s day. Its lightweight and breathable composition, weaved with whispers of stardust and dreams, ensures a heavenly softness against your skin.

As you slip into this fantastical t-shirt, you’ll immediately feel a sense of serenity enveloping you. The fabric’s delicate embrace gently caresses your body, creating a soothing sensation that invites relaxation and tranquility.

The “Lumina-Soft” T-Shirt transcends the boundaries of ordinary attire with its enchanting glow. In the presence of light, the fabric radiates a subtle luminescence, casting a mesmerizing aura around you. Whether you find yourself strolling through moonlit gardens or dancing under shimmering disco lights, this t-shirt will make you the center of attention, evoking an otherworldly charm.

Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 cm


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